Comment 3 for bug 869906

Hazuki San (hazuki-san) wrote :

I am experiencing this bug also, but it manifests itself slightly differently on my system. Screenshots - - and -

As you can see the windows have been maximised but fail to fill the screen, leaving space at the bottom and to the right of the screen. This doesn't happen on all programs, but these two are fair examples of when it does happen. I am running a fresh install, up to date of Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit, with Unity 3D and the Nvidia driver 295.40 from Additional Drivers. These two programs in the screenshots are Handbrake Snapshot from John Stebbins Precise PPA, and Fuse GTk from the Ubuntu Software Centre. If there is any other information I can supply that would be useful please let me know how to do it, as I am not well versed in bug reporting.