Comment 4 for bug 859715

Or, if the behavior of double click remains the same, ie: quickly show the 2 opened windows thumbnails and come back to the same window as before, why not change the default presentation of thumbnails when there are 2 instances of a program opened ?

I explain : you have for example Firefox browser and bookmarks manager both opened and maximized, so 2 left triangles on Unity launcher icon.

I am on the browser window and want to switch to bookmarks. I make 1 left click on Firefox Unity icon.

It displays thumbnails of the 2 windows, at left the browser (where I was), at right the bookmarks.

If I want to stay on browser, I just have to click another time on Unity icon, easy, no mouse move, and browser comes back in foreground.

But if I want to change to go to another window, the bookmarks one, I have to move through half of the screen with the mouse to select it and have it on first place.

This is not logical, as 2 clicks on icon remain same window, changing for the 2nd instance should be easier and this one should be shown closer to the launcher, to make minimal mouse move.

This is the behavior we get when one of the 2 instances is not maximized on the screen (ie Firefox browser maximized + Firefox download manager not maximized opened), the downlaod manager thumbnail is well on the left, or when there are 3 windows of the same program opened : current is seen on the right, others on left and bottom, which is logical.