Comment 0 for bug 745647

Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote :

See also bug #741804 ("user-trash.svg and user-trash-full.svg not lens grayscale versions").

"Summary of the week: - A number of major failures were identified in the export of design assets last week. A new release of all the assets has been assembled, and Paul is currently in the process of packaging. For those of you who need the assets now the complete set is available from ."

In theory this is not a radical change but a re-fixing of what is already there. The above tarball is not immediately usable because although the icons themselves are right many of them have additional borders around the outside. Eg. the current picture for a 48x48px icon might be at the centre of a large 52x52px box.

The current sizes will be documented from the current icons and then 'convert -crop ...' can be run over the .pngs.