Comment 20 for bug 733349

Mark, what I don't understand in this case is that :

-it's the standard behavior in Gnome, so people are used to it

-I agree that you can use the icon to minimize, but what if you want to minimize several applications ? You have to move your mouse a lot. Using a click in the taskbar is very quick

-and last but not least, it's not like if this option was replacing another more interesting behavior ! And it's exactly how it's working for the "applications" and "files & folders" lenses ! You click, it opens. You click again, it hides it. I really find it a pity that this click is not used. Especially as it's the simplest operation on a lens. A "right click" + something is much longer.

I guess I should write all this on the Ayatana ML. But I tried to get used to this behavior, and I still find myself clicking on the application icons and waiting. Maybe it's a bad habit. And even if it's one, I still think it's a pity to waste this click. Maybe the minimize function is not the right one for it, I'm open to any good idea. But as of today, it's wasted to me. Too bad, Unity is quite good at making things efficient, a single click is still something worth using I think :)