Comment 14 for bug 723831

Paul Sladen (sladen) wrote :

The Ubuntu-UK podcast contains an interesting 15-minute discussion on the subject. (30:05 to 45:45)

From a quick listen, some very interesting points are made; comparisions with Linux Mint who ship such material by default; the potential implication for Loco groups or end-users in certain countries receiving pre-pressed CDs. A second-hand report via IRC to the show recording observes (paraphrased) that a base install of Microsoft Windows does come with MP3/Flash by default, although virtually all /OEMs/ distributing a pre-install do include those.

Finally, an attempt is made to understand/second-guess at what is being proposed in terms of the 'ubuntu-restricted-addons' and 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' meta-packages (reviewing the Ubiquity source code): highlighting that this bug report does not currently state what is /actually/ being proposed at a detailed level.