Comment 3 for bug 634422

Email below with background info:

Hello guys

As described in the bug report above, we (design team) decided to apply few usability changes to the light-themes (Ambiance and Radiance).

They are described here:
I list them below:
* Menuitem speedup
* Subtle shadow on inactive notebook’s tabs
* White text color on GtkProgressBar
* Increased visibility of the resize gripper
* Fixed contrast applied to elements in GtkStatusbar
* More compatibility with custom color specified in Appearance Preferences
* Increased contrast between text and background
* Tweaks to the odd row color inside GtkTreeView

All of them are subtle changes, really subtle (in other words, I don't think you will have to update the screenshots used in the docs).
At the same time, they are really important because they are all usability changes (the first one is a must as a lot of people were complaining about speed) that comes from two/three weeks of feedback with the community. We ended up having a list of the issues and we fixed them with that update.

The only change that may be problematic (in other words, you could have to update your screenshots), is "rounded corners" at the bottom of each window, BUT, this change is not part of trunk, so we could ignore it and at least approve the changes listed above.

Please, please, give us the ok to update the package.

Sorry again for the delay, see you guys.
-- Andrea Cimitan -