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cm-t arudy (cm-t) wrote :


As a quicklist has a patch to land in Unity (see #1107866).
A feature request is having a quick way to close the windows from the quicklist.

Before having the quicklist, here is how we an close a specific window of an application:

* keyboard: [alt]+[tab] or ([super]+number x2 then select with arrow the windows) then [alt]+[f4] or [shift]+[esc] depending the apps or [alt] then [C],[L],[O],[S],[E], [enter] (the HUD way)

* mouse/touch: [click] or [tap] on the apps icon x2, mouseover the one to close, then use the ribbon to close it (or get focus then clic on top-left close button

The problem, on low spec machines like netbooks or others low specs/no drivers compatible, is the mouse/touch way requiere a call of visual effect (compiz).

Proposed solution :

* mouse/touch: [right clic]/[2-fingers tap] to call the quicklist on the icon apps from the launcher (as it is from the actual patch), then use a [X] shortcut into the quicklist. This should solve the problem that a call to compiz (and its latence effect due to lack of decent hardware/driver) is required to close a specific windows with mouse/touch only.

Any suggestion(s) from the design/ergonomy team is welcome (for example: "should it have reduce and/or maxime button too?")

In the below attached pic, you can see the main idea.