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Martin Packman (gz) wrote :

Added some tests and made a few small improvements to the mapping last week, so the output now looks like:

RESERVATION eedf54f1-9e53-4e49-962a-5cf3a878ffc7 gz_project
INSTANCE eedf54f1-9e53-4e49-962a-5cf3a878ffc7 fc6133d8-ee9b-4485-866f-a20819b33f24 running 2012-04-02T09:21:26Z nova

There are a few obvious things left to solve. UUIDs really aren't pretty with the tool's output formatting, but we're a bit stuck on that. Mapping the flavor id back to a name means an extra backend request but is pretty simple. Getting the security groups is also another backend request per instance.