Comment 8 for bug 160375

moonbeam (rcryderman) wrote :

"Its important to realize that since Hardy, most users will not know that there is a wiki or forum for awn, will get support from the ubuntu forums. You can't assume that the user had any idea that there is a wiki, definitely not that they installed from there."

I think a ubuntu-centric approach is incorrect. If this is done it needs to not make any assumptions about the distribution in question.

"Worst case, its possible to do a cursory check of whether apt-get is installed."

Once again... debian-centric.

"Anything that causes the user to make a decision NOW is bad. Such as popups. A hideable error is ignorable, a popup is not."

Give them a popup.

I more or less believe the hardy user argument is fallacious. I assume when the applets get packaged for hardy the dependencies will be done properly so that they are pulled in by the package manager when they install the applets. Assuming the packagers do things correctly (Hi gilir!) this python dependency checking will only be triggered when someone installs with a non-distribution approved method... in which case they should be pointed to the wiki.