Comment 9 for bug 479478

Faré (fahree) wrote :

Also, I think you're dismissing the TEST-REPORT-OP solution too fast. Considering the space used by fasl files, a successful test report should be nice and small in comparison, whereas a big failure report is something that's much better saved to disk for further inspection, shipping to upstream maintainers, etc. It also solves the communication problem in the standard ASDF way: actions communicate their results via files on disk. Frankly, I don't see any non-negligible downside to the approach.

Trying to return the results of only one PERFORM would make the code very dissymmetric, and would suck. Trying to return all the results of all PERFORMs would eat a lot of memory and would suck. Moreover, because only outdated actions are replayed, you would basically have to remember these results in a hash-table mapping action to perform result. But then, wouldn't you want to have results from past actions even if not performed in the current session? That would mean saving results for all actions. Ugh.

It's so much better to save the test results in a report file. Just do that.