clisp instability with asdf-pathname-test

Bug #1502323 reported by Faré on 2015-10-02
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Bug Description

For me using the latest clisp on linux x64, all tests pass with asdf-pathname-test.script fails with a segfault(!) at, due to commit 1b5bd7837874df7a89f697fa686eba6282e1f8e7 which changes comments and a default slot for class monolithic-lib-op, unused in that script. The segfault keeps happening until, and then pass again using, the only change being a tweak of docstrings(!). It keeps working until commit 540b7b9491280b3dae0c4b2b7160826edae559ca, but breaks again at commit d7a5bc7bdad09876efec3b678fa4e3bbc2dc995a which modifies unrelated function lisp-implementation-directory, now with an infinite loop or such while creating a system using logical-pathnames; but if I comment out the #+clisp line in that function, I'm back with the segfault, whereas if I put the entire expression in a #-clisp I get the test passing.

WTF, clisp? Using asdf commit a887b0c4c70c76efc750335d8178033aa5d58ac2, clisp changeset 15611:5c63938ef493.

The only way I see that mattering is via lisp-implementation-pathname-p, as called in parse-defsystem, at least for the latter failure. The segfault is clearly a CLISP bug.

I'll commit something that unbreaks it.

Faré (fahree) wrote :

I cannot reproduce on my current machine with the latest clisp.

I'm too lazy to learn enough hg to checkout clisp at that specific changeset.

Faré (fahree) wrote :

I tried to reproduce the bug and couldn't reproduce it using the latest CLISP by following the instructions above. However, when I thought everything was fine, I found what might be the same bug: deterministic SIGSEGV for me (this time in test-program.script), but extremely sensitive to source code modification -- adding a (+ 1 1) at the end of make-hello-world.lisp prevents the SIGSEGV, making it a heisenbug. GRRRRRRR!

I can reliably reproduce on my machine (Linux x64, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS) with a clisp compiled from 15631:bf16ec104ed4 with the myclisp script in fare-scripts (at 316f768), using the test suite of ASDF
make t l=clisp t=test-program.script

Faré (fahree) wrote :

This is probably CLISP bug 678. Marking at Invalid (as an ASDF bug).

Changed in asdf:
assignee: nobody → Faré (fahree)
status: New → Invalid
pipping (pipping) wrote :

I'm seeing something very similar now.

asdf-pathname-test.script is failing for me on, while it passed on As far as I can tell, all of the changes between and were doc-related, though, no?

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