Comment 2 for bug 1502323

Faré (fahree) wrote :

I tried to reproduce the bug and couldn't reproduce it using the latest CLISP by following the instructions above. However, when I thought everything was fine, I found what might be the same bug: deterministic SIGSEGV for me (this time in test-program.script), but extremely sensitive to source code modification -- adding a (+ 1 1) at the end of make-hello-world.lisp prevents the SIGSEGV, making it a heisenbug. GRRRRRRR!

I can reliably reproduce on my machine (Linux x64, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS) with a clisp compiled from 15631:bf16ec104ed4 with the myclisp script in fare-scripts (at 316f768), using the test suite of ASDF
make t l=clisp t=test-program.script