Cloakable Aircraft don't work properly

Bug #895838 reported by DCoder DCoder on 2010-08-31
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This issue is a spinoff from bug:183.

- Aircraft with Fighter=yes indeed decloak as soon as they are ordered to attack.
Aircraft with Fighter=no (TS Orca/Harpy behavior) only decloak when attacking, but they do so AFTER they've fired their first shot, so it happens a bit too late.
Finally, all aircraft do not cloak again until they land, so they stay decloaked on their way back home (or until you let them land somewhere manually).

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

This issue might take a while to get fixed, because cloak/uncloak behaviour is deeply intertwined with the attack mission for aircraft, which is a large clusterfuck even by Westwood's standards. On the other hand, same attack mission controls the five-bombs-per-run behaviour, so that might get improved at the same time as well.

reaperrr (reaperrr) wrote :

"five-bombs-per-run behaviour"
just out of curiosity, can that be enabled in YR and if yes, how? iirc, in TS this behavior was hardcode-tied to certain weapons (Orca bomber's bombs and Banshee fighter's plasma cannons).

WoRmINaToR (worminator) wrote :

The hornet?

This behavior has been in RA2 since the beginning.

I HAVE always wondered, however: what coding in the weapon/projectile actually triggers this "5-bombs" logic? I looked at the NormalBomb stuff and all of its code looked just like regular maverick missile code for the most part.

Also, as a note of interest; I noticed that any type of aircraft equipped with a NormalBomb-based weapon (hornet's weapon) will remain cloaked during an attack mission until the moment they fire. Somewhere in that mess of spaghetti code probably lies our answer to this.

DCoder DCoder (dcoder1337) wrote :

That behaviour is tied to lack of Fighter=yes and/or strafing logic (Yak-style projectiles: ROT

WoRmINaToR (worminator) wrote :

Also, one thing I wanted to add:

If you are fixing the flaw that aircraft won't re-cloak on the way home, I request that this fix is optional; I actually like the fact that aircraft don't re-cloak after firing (at least the way it is in my mod).

Gluk-v48 (gluk-v48) on 2013-09-16
tags: added: stealth
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