Comment 60 for bug 103306

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 12:45:31PM -0000, DanielRoesler wrote:
> > The original problem reported in this bug is indeed fixed, so if there
> > is a different problem (specific to the rotating cube plugin), please
> > report that separately.
> My apologies for marking Incomplete when I should have marked Confirmed.
> However, I don't believe that the original problem reported is fixed.
> "However, with compiz enabled, moving my mouse to the very left or right
> of the screen (for scrollbars) makes it look like it's not focusing on
> the object."
> Although the Wall plugin is fixed, the Rotate Cube plugin is not fixed.
> The Rotate Cube plugin is part of the compiz package (not main or
> extra), so enabling compiz should not create a problem with Fitt's law,
> no matter what plugin is used. On the other hand, if you think that
> enabling compiz means only the Normal or Extra Visual Effects option
> (and their corresponding plugins) is enabled, then this bug could be
> considered fixed and another report for the Rotate Cube plugin should be
> filed.

I belive you that there is still a bug here; I am only asking that you file
it separately rather than reopen this old bug (which describes a problem in
a different plugin which has been fixed).

It becomes very difficult to keep track of issues when they are lumped
together in a single bug, as multiple actions need to be taken in the course
of fixing them and this cannot be reflected accurately in the status of a
single bug.

 - mdz