Comment 3 for bug 103306

Binary package hint: compiz

I usually use my web browser in an unmaximized state but move it so that the scrollbar is just falling off the edge of the screen, so that I can flick my mouse to the right and use the scroll bar easily. This works in all OS's window managers, from OS X to XP to Fluxbox to Gnome and KDE.

However, with compiz enabled, moving my mouse to the very left or right of the screen (for scrollbars) makes it look like it's not focusing on the object. I think this has something to do with how AIGLX reserves space outside the desktop for buffering, or something like that.

This doesn't affect the top or corners of the screen however (plus the corners are reserved for things like Expose, which is fine)--only the left and right edges with compiz don't obey Fitt's law.

I'll try and attach some pictures to show what I mean