Comment 2 for bug 990894

On 04/28/2012 09:11 PM, bodhi.zazen wrote:
> Sorry if that was a bit cryptic. The apparmor kernel patch "0002
> -AppArmor-compatibility-patch-for-v5-interface.patch" fails when applied
> to the linux kernel version 3.3
> The above is a suggested patch to the "0002-AppArmor-compatibility-
> patch-for-v5-interface.patch"

right, sorry I thought I had pushed those patches but after checking, it seems
not. There are patches for both the 3.3 and 3.4 kernels along with the new
mount rules patch.

3.3 will have both the older and newer interface patches available, where 3.4
will only have the only part of the interface compat patch as part of the
new interface made it upstream for 3.4

I need a little bit but I will get those patches pushed out to the git tree
and checked into the bzr repo, and when I am done with that I will send out
a general email announcing it.