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intrigeri (intrigeri) wrote :

I was asked by a Debian security team member to share how much this is a concern for Debian. I'll do that here, even though this might be irrelevant for other distros, in the hope more knowledgeable folks can correct whatever I got wrong :)

The Debian Stretch kernel does not support mount rules so it's out of scope, except for users running a kernel from backports.

The Debian Buster kernel supports mount rules. AFAIK only two things use mount rules in Debian:

* LXC: not a regression, since we've never confined LXC with AppArmor by default before Buster and Stretch's kernel has no support for mount rules IIRC; worst case, LXC guests on a Buster host are less strictly confined than we would like, which would be nice to fix, but we were very close to disable AppArmor for LXC during the freeze, so well.
* libvirtd: no big deal, this profile is not meant to be a strong security boundary (libvirtd can do so much anyway), but rather as a way to start processes run by libvirtd under their own profile.

Adding to this that John discovered this almost 3y ago and did not prioritize fixing it, I would categorize this issue as unimportant for now in the context of Debian.