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Gary.Wang (gary-wzl77) wrote :

Sorry for the late reply.

The Anbox Streaming SDK was just updated to 1.17.1 on the github. You can find that at the following link

1. In order to get the keybinding work, you not only need to update the streaming SDK for your client, but also ensure the latest version of the target application uses the 1.17.1-based image. To check if the 1.17.1 image is used by the latest application version:
   $ amc application show <app_name> # find the image name of the latest app version
   $ amc image show <image_name> | grep remote_id # check if the result matches 1.17.1

2. The latest Anbox Cloud dashboard doesn't come with this fix. As planned, it will be included in the 1.17.2 release. Therefore the keybinding won't work either if you launch a session from the dashboard even if the application is built on top of the 1.17.1-based image.

Please let us know if it helps.