Comment 5 for bug 286577

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Ahh, I see now. I mis-read that the first time through.

The problem is that Thunderbird appears to connect to the session
manager using the X Session Management Protocol. KDE implements a
session manager server that implements the XSMP (as does GNOME). What
this means is that Thunderbird is directly registering to the session
manager, and so its state is preserved.

This would not appear to be an easy bug to fix, honestly. In order
for it to be fixed, AllTray would need to become a session manager
_itself_, for its clients (thus intercepting their calls to the
session manager which are otherwise received by ksmserver or
gnome-session), and register to the system session manager regarding
its own state.

I'll leave this bug open for the time being as a wishlist item, and do
some research into what it would take to make it happen properly.
Thank you for your bug report!

 --- Mike

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