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11 of 1 result

Christian Reis's teams

“Async Open Source” team
“Canonical content creators” team
“Canonical Engineering Management CoP” team
“Canonical Livepatch Dependencies Team” team
“Canonical Salesforce User Community” team
“canonical-vegetarians” team
“Cisco VPP” team
“Citrix Client” team
“Cloud Deck Team” team
“Community-agile” team
“Fubuntu team” team
“GNOME Python Maintainers” team
“HP moonshot team” team
“HPCStack” team
“insights.u.c editors” team
“Juju Reports Viewers” team
“Landscape Bugs” team
“Landscape Development Tools Team” team
“Landscape” team
“latch-hackers” team
“Launchpad Beta Testers” team
“Launchpad Development mailing list” team
“Launchpad Users” team
“Linaro Blueprints” team
“Linaro Community Board” team
“Linaro Community Contributors Network” team
“MAAS builds list” team
“MAAS Development” team
“MAAS documentation editors” team
“MAAS Maintainers” team
“Multi-touch Development” team
“OEM Sales & Business Development” team
“Plum grid team” team
“Stoq Developers” team
“Stoq Maintainers” team
“The Eilt team” team
“The Fruitdale team” team
“The Grover team” team
“The Maasha team” team
“The Maza team” team
“The Santacruz team” team
“The Tay team” team
“The Yarmouth team” team
“txStatsD Developers” team
“Ubuntu Cyclists” team
“Ubuntu Font Family Interest Group” team
“Ubuntu Haiku” team
“Ubuntu Openstack Installer” team
“Ubuntu Vegetarians” team
“VCS imports” team
“ Editors” team