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James Henstridge's teams

“Aachen Team” team
“Aarti Team” team
“Anjali Team” team
“Application Indicator Upstream Applications” team
“Autopilot Hackers” team
“avani-team” team
“Avantika Team” team
“Ayatana Discussion” team
“Ayatana Scrollbar Team” team
“ayatana-commits” team
“Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations” team
“Buy-something hackers” team
“Bzr-pqm-devel” team
“bzr-repo-push Developers” team
“Candiru Hackers” team
“Canonical committers for Launchpad and related projects” team
“Canonical Consumer Applications Hackers” team
“Canonical Desktop Experience Team” team
“Canonical ISD hackers” team
“Canonical Launchpad Branches” team
“Canonical Payment Service Testers” team
“Canonical Voices” team
“Cape Girardeau Team” team
“cerati hackers” team
“Chewie Team” team
“CI train pilots” team
“Citrix Client” team
“CluTK Team” team
“CMake Extras” team
“commercial-ppa-uploaders” team
“Compiz Linaro Team” team
“Compiz Maintainers” team
“Cordova Ubuntu Team” team
“Coverity Launchpad Sync Tool Team” team
“Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages” team
“CU2D maintainers” team
“Curucú Hackers” team
“DBus Menu Team” team
“Development of awstrial” team
“django-openid-auth developers” team
“DX Bug Managers” team
“DX Multi-Touch Bugs” team
“DX Multi-Touch Team” team
“DX Unity Bugs” team
“DX Unity Foundations” team
“DX Unity Shell” team
“DX Unity” team
“Emeritus Canonical Launchpad engineers” team
“Emeritus Launchpad engineers” team
“FreeRDP Remote Team” team
“Friends of LibZeitgeist” team
“gcovr maintainers” team
“Giraffe Developers” team
“Go D-Bus Hackers” team
“Indicator Applet Developers” team
“Indicator Network Developers” team
“indicator-sound-developers” team
“Juju Reports Viewers” team
“Launch Lite Team” team
“Launchpad code reviewers from Canonical” team
“Launchpad code reviewers” team
“Launchpad Users” team
“Liblauncher Devel” team
“LibZeitgeist Developers” team
“LO Menubar Rockstars” team
“Loggerhead Reviewers” team
“Magog” team
“Mediascanner Team” team
“Mir development team” team
“Multi-touch Admins” team
“Multi-touch Development” team
“Notify OSD Developers” team
“Nux Team” team
“oerppy Hackers” team
“OIF Packaging” team
“Online Accounts” team
“Oops Tools development team” team
“Open Input Framework Team” team
“Psycopg Developers” team
“python-oops-tools reviewers” team
“python-upa-team” team
“Ratings and Reviews Developers” team
“Remote Login Service Hackers” team
“rnr-moderators” team
“software-store-developers” team
“Storm Developers” team
“Submarine” team
“Super Friends” team
“System Image Client Team” team
“The Good Hope Team” team
“The Grover team” team
“The Javel team” team
“The Manhattan team” team
“The Maza team” team
“The Merlo team” team
“The Newyork team” team
“The Omsk Team” team
“Theme Shimmers” team
“Turkey Pop-up Team” team
“txStatsD Developers” team
“Ubuntu Artwork Packagers” team
“Ubuntu Bug Control” team
“Ubuntu CSS Maintainers” team
“Ubuntu Game Developers” team
“Ubuntu GeoIP Team” team
“Ubuntu One Android Client Team” team
“Ubuntu One Android hackers” team
“Ubuntu One discussion” team
“Ubuntu One Foundations+ team” team
“Ubuntu One hackers” team
“Ubuntu One iOS Client Team” team
“Ubuntu One Support” team
“Ubuntu One Team” team
“Ubuntu One” team
“Ubuntu Online Accounts” team
“Ubuntu Phablet Team” team
“Ubuntu Phone” team
“Ubuntu Push Hackers” team
“Ubuntu Rest Scopes Hackers” team
“ubuntuforums-devel” team
“Unico Team” team
“Unity API Team” team
“Unity Bugs” team
“Unity Greeter Development Team” team
“Unity Photos Lens” team
“Unity Stats Developers” team
“Unity System Compositor Development Team” team
“Unity Team” team
“Unity Videos lens” team
“unity-2d-team” team
“UNR Developers” team
“Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance” team
“USN Website Team” team
“uTouch Bugs” team
“Walpole Team for Anakin” team
“Wasilla Team” team
“WebApps” team
“Willow Team” team
“XMir Development Team” team
“xsplash team” team