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Bug Importance Status Project Patch Age
Bug #1309447: Unicode decode error during upgrade to 14.04 if sources.list contains non-ascii characters and locale is non-US High Triaged apt-clone 28 hours

From: Brian Murray
Link: bug-1309447.patch


Bug #1307429: Existing allow-hotplug devices do not come up Wishlist Triaged ifupdown 5 days

From: Benjamin Drung
Link: ifupdown_0.7.47.2ubuntu5.debdiff


Bug #1306412: patch -pq throws segfault Low Triaged patch 8 days

From: James Hunt
Link: patch-bug-1306412.diff


Bug #1258597: Warning: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported. Medium Triaged grub2 13 days

From: Nathan Stratton Treadway
Link: grub2_debian_rules.patch

debian/rules patch to generate default/grub file without "GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=" line

Bug #683668: file command produces wrong message Undecided In Progress file 2 weeks

From: Pedro Muñoz del Rio
Link: file.diff

Fixed typo

Bug #1078386: unattended-upgrades would benefit from an apport package hook Wishlist In Progress unattended-upgrades 2 weeks

From: Nicolas Valcarcel
Link: lp1078386.diff


Bug #1300728: missing single quots in ssh plugin /src/plugins/ssh/ssh.c Undecided New ldm 3 weeks

From: meamy
Link: ssh_plugin.patch


Bug #1270248: /var/log fills up disk space on phone High Confirmed logrotate 3 weeks

From: Oliver Grawert
Link: quieten-battery-on-linux-flo.patch


Bug #1297148: wish: Extend the start-stop-daemon program with --killpg option Undecided New dpkg 4 weeks

From: Peder Chr. Nørgaard
Link: stop-start.patch

Patch to add --killpg option to start-stop-daemon program

Bug #1297069: During the installation under UEFI mode, "Could not open \EFI\BOOT\fallback.efi: 14" shows after passed the BIOS phase. Medium Fix Committed shim 4 weeks

From: Yu Ning
Link: no-output-on-fallback-checking.patch


Bug #1296373: [PATCH] Fix sound on PowerPC Undecided New hw-detect 4 weeks

From: Adam Smith
Link: diff.txt


Bug #1294858: Installer does not install all language support packages Undecided Confirmed ubiquity 4 weeks

From: Gunnar Hjalmarsson
Link: install-all-lang-support.patch


Bug #1069019: [software-properties-gtk] can not delete, enable or modify any software source with non-ASCII characters in the comment Medium Fix Committed software-properties 5 weeks

From: Julian Andres Klode
Link: unicode.diff


Bug #1210429: Net::HTTP chunk handling broken for non-blocking sockets Undecided Confirmed libnet-http-perl 5 weeks
Bug #1289809: Grub theme: black screen with purple border Low Confirmed plymouth 6 weeks

From: Edwin Pujols
Link: fix_LP-1289809.patch

A very small fix

Bug #1288177: [FFe] Merge with Debian to add autopkgtest Undecided Triaged pango1.0 6 weeks

From: Iain Lane
Link: debian.debdiff

debian/ diff between trusty and the proposed package

Bug #1287758: python3.3 distutils TypeError: Type str doesn't support the buffer API Undecided Incomplete python3.3 7 weeks

From: lysdexia
Link: rfc822_escape.diff

patch for /usr/lib/python3.3/distutils/util.py, resulted in a (thus far) successful install.

Bug #1285204: problem with paths with spaces with ubuntu12.04 client with ubuntu13.10 server Undecided New subversion 7 weeks

From: Stephane Chazelas
Link: patch

potential fix for the issue

Bug #1069350: suspicious /.rpmdb root directory Undecided Confirmed rpm 8 weeks

From: Lekensteyn
Link: disable-rpm.patch

Disables RPM call for DKMS

Bug #1279106: Customized LiveUSB setup cannot handle persistence Undecided New casper 10 weeks

From: LVU
Link: casper-initrd.patch

Correct patch

Bug #1019906: Incorrect info. make-kpkg fails with '--revision=custom.1.0' , must have digit first correct form is 'make-kpkg --revision=1.0.custom' Undecided In Progress installation-guide 11 weeks

From: Quinn Balazs
Link: lp1019906.patch


Bug #1030336: typo in installation instructions - minimum requirements page Low In Progress installation-guide 11 weeks

From: Quinn Balazs
Link: LP-bug-1030336.patch


Bug #1022815: initramfs should try password against other devices Undecided Confirmed cryptsetup 11 weeks

From: DiagonalArg
Link: cryptsetup.1.4.1.decrypt_keyctl.patch


Bug #1223622: add support for crypttab mounting of luks devices with detached headers Low Confirmed cryptsetup 11 weeks

From: DiagonalArg
Link: cryptsetup.1.4.[13].cryptdisks.functions.patch


Bug #1266492: ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie High Confirmed binutils 11 weeks

From: Steve Beattie
Link: local-no-malloc-backtrace.diff


Bug #1273680: ltsp jetpipe bug Undecided New ltsp 12 weeks

From: Andy Igoshin
Link: jetpipe.diff


Bug #1268193: in combination with courier-imap: severe performance problems Undecided New gnutls26 14 weeks

From: Lorenz Weber
Link: libgnutls26_fix.patch

patch extracted from 2.12.16

Bug #883017: memtest86+ fails on efi systems Medium Triaged memtest86+ 14 weeks

From: Bernard Burette
Link: patch-diff

Patch for memtest86+ (v4.20 to v4.50, zImage to bzImage)

Bug #1246364: update-notifier does not show a tray icon in xubuntu 13.10 Low Confirmed update-notifier 14 weeks

From: Forest
Link: restore_tray_icon.patch


Bug #509957: cryptdisk sets up partitions by index/device instead of uuid Undecided Confirmed partman-crypto 17 weeks

From: AleksanderAdamowski
Link: cryptdisks.functions-partuuid_support.patch

Patch for PARTUUID support in crypttab

Bug #1262528: ubiquity crash when hostname is too long Undecided New ubiquity 17 weeks

From: Bin Li
Link: check_hostname.patch


Bug #1261817: Grub2 does not setup existing linux operating systems correctly on PowerPC Undecided New os-prober 17 weeks

From: Adam Smith
Link: os-prober-patch

Fix root UUID on PowerPC

Bug #1257612: divide by zero error in radeon_surface.c when opening chrome with WebGL enabled Undecided New libdrm 20 weeks

From: Chris Wulff
Link: 02_fix_divide_zero.diff


Bug #1160411: SIGSEGV in runtime environment when starting Eclipse runtime workbench Undecided Confirmed openjdk-7 20 weeks

From: Marc-Andre Laperle
Link: 03_adjustmentwatcher_crash.patch


Bug #1228868: Feature Req: Improve readability, use 2 spaces between package names Undecided Confirmed apt 20 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: spacing.diff

Making this a config option is straightforward

Bug #1254357: Avahi-daemon-check-dns.sh takes too much time on every connecting to network Undecided New avahi 21 weeks

From: wm
Link: avahi-daemon-check-dns-lower-timeout.patch

Proposed fix: lower dns lookup timeout

Bug #1251046: open-iscsi ibft initrd boot script fails to bring up interface Undecided New open-iscsi 22 weeks

From: kralikba
Link: openiscsi-init-patch.patch

proposed patch

Bug #1247877: Enable autopkgtest Medium Triaged python-dateutil 24 weeks

From: Jean-Baptiste Lallement
Link: python-dateutil_1.5+dfsg-0.1ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #1247757: expect uses memcpy instead of memmove to copy overlapping memory Medium Triaged expect 24 weeks

From: Per Cederqvist
Link: expect5.45-memmove.patch

Suggested fix.

Bug #14392: [network-admin] WEP key stored in world-readable /etc/network/interfaces Undecided Confirmed netcfg 24 weeks

From: Ritesh Khadgaray
Link: file-mode.patch

proposed patch

Bug #1243399: powers off instead of sleep under KDE4 Undecided Confirmed acpid 25 weeks

From: Antonis Kanouras
Link: powerbtn.sh-2.diff

powerbtn.sh updated for logind

Bug #216847: sshd will not start at boot if ListenAddress is set, because network interface is not yet up Low Confirmed openssh 25 weeks

From: Dirk Schuster
Link: ssh.conf_12.10.patch

ubuntu 12.10 patch /etc/init/ssh.conf without sleep

Bug #1241668: gdb embeds python3.3, but support scripts are not compatible Medium Triaged python2.7 26 weeks

From: David Coles
Link: python3-support.patch

Python 3 support

Bug #1241668: gdb embeds python3.3, but support scripts are not compatible Medium Triaged python3.3 26 weeks

From: David Coles
Link: python3-support.patch

Python 3 support

Bug #1238169: 13.04 server: Fujitsu BX900/DX90 installation problem Undecided New open-iscsi 26 weeks

From: Andy Igoshin
Link: iscsi-hooks.diff


Bug #1238275: cryptsetup should support block devices without filesystems Wishlist New cryptsetup 27 weeks

From: Roel Brook
Link: cryptsetup.patch


Bug #1228854: gconf dependency is not needed I think Wishlist Triaged apturl 28 weeks

From: Kristof Vansant
Link: apturl.diff


Bug #1231459: Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-close.c: 759: _dl_close: Assertion `map->l_init_called' failed! Medium Confirmed krb5 29 weeks

From: Sam Hartman
Link: 0006-gssapi-never-unload-mechanisms.patch


Bug #1230233: Unzip fails to manage symlinked files Undecided New unzip 29 weeks

From: Federico Fuga
Link: 07-unzip60-symilink

Fixes symlink handling

Bug #1229738: grub doesn't boot with efi and md raid root High Triaged grub2 30 weeks

From: Dick Porter
Link: grub-install.diff

Fix that works for me

Bug #1228485: smbd and nmbd can start up before their respective apparmor profiles are loaded Undecided Triaged samba 30 weeks

From: David
Link: nmbd.conf.diff


Bug #1226621: unable to pass mount-options for fuse-exfat Undecided Confirmed udisks 31 weeks

From: Simon Hyde
Link: 51-exfat-options-support


Bug #882147: overlayfs does not implement inotify interfaces correctly Undecided In Progress coreutils 32 weeks

From: Li Jianguo
Link: overlayfs_inotify.patch


Bug #1217933: update-grub fails to detect other md OS Undecided New grub2 33 weeks

From: Paul Crawford
Link: detect-mdadm.diff

Update for os-prober to detect mdadm RAID

Bug #1217933: update-grub fails to detect other md OS Undecided New os-prober 33 weeks

From: Paul Crawford
Link: detect-mdadm.diff

Update for os-prober to detect mdadm RAID

Bug #1216610: Autofs mount fails if it relies on another autofs managed resource on Ubuntu; compile option missing Low Triaged autofs 34 weeks

From: Joe Jaeger
Link: rules.patch

patch for rules file in utofs_5.0.7-3ubuntu1.debian.tar.xz

Bug #1215504: allow luks encrypted casper-rw persistent file (patch) Wishlist Triaged casper 34 weeks

From: Glenn Washburn
Link: luks-persistent-img.ubuntu.patch


Bug #1214352: GUINT32/64_SWAP_LE_BE macros do not enclose val argument in parentheses Undecided Confirmed glib2.0 35 weeks
Bug #605189: Provide symlinks for cross-compilers Undecided Confirmed ccache 37 weeks

From: Rafał Krypa
Link: ccache.patch


Bug #1123460: verify-signature crashes on non ascii characters Undecided Confirmed bzr 38 weeks

From: Reagan Sanders
Link: bzr_verify_signature_utf_fix.patch


Bug #1200715: Please update serf to 1.2.1 Wishlist Triaged serf 40 weeks

From: Danilo Piazzalunga
Link: clean-libs

Remove .libs directory in Makefile clean target

Bug #1200203: please merge libnss-ldap 264-2.5 (main) from Debian unstable (main) Wishlist Fix Committed libnss-ldap 40 weeks

From: Yolanda Robla
Link: diff_264-2.5_264-2.5ubuntu1.diff


Bug #1196970: Filetype not set on git commit in submodules Undecided Confirmed vim 42 weeks

From: Bernhard
Link: filetype.vim.diff

Update "filetype.vim" to current version

Bug #584936: gpsd cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0 Undecided Confirmed gpsd 42 weeks

From: Oleg Malashenko
Link: gpsd_default_group.patch


Bug #1195504: Add a noswap option to avoid accessing drives - w/ PATCH Undecided Confirmed casper 42 weeks

From: Lucas Magasweran
Link: noswap.patch

noswap kernel parameter patch

Bug #1088131: ls --color doesn't recognize an arc archive as an archive Low Triaged coreutils 43 weeks

From: Javier P.L.
Link: coreutils_8.20-3ubuntu6.debdiff


Bug #1187044: du man page -- explanation about --separate-dirs too terse Low Triaged coreutils 44 weeks

From: C de-Avillez
Link: du--sep-docs.patch

proposed (still to be committed) upstream patch

Bug #1189310: Broken markup in tar.1 manual page Low Triaged tar 45 weeks

From: Eric S. Raymond
Link: tar.1.patch

Fix patch for markup errors

Bug #1176536: No tracing is done on Precise when using the linux-lts-raring kernel Undecided Confirmed ureadahead 45 weeks

From: Cedric Schieli
Link: use_tracing_on_instead_of_tracing_enabled.diff


Bug #982082: do-release-upgrade crashed with IOError in init_proxy(): [Errno 5] Input/output error Medium Incomplete ubuntu-release-upgrader 45 weeks

From: Barry Warsaw
Link: motd.diff


Bug #1176560: logcheck fails to ignore sync message Undecided Confirmed mdadm 46 weeks

From: HorsePunchKid
Link: mdadm_3.2.5-1ubuntu0.2_logcheck_1.patch


Bug #898110: please remove the "Previous Linux versions" sub-menu and display all kernels again Wishlist Confirmed grub2 46 weeks

From: Unit 193
Link: grub-menu.diff


Bug #1186331: [PATCH] e2fsck hangs up boot process because "Device or resource busy while checking ext3 journal for foobar" Undecided Confirmed e2fsprogs 46 weeks

From: Montblanc
Link: e2fsprogs.patch

journal.c patch

Bug #1178943: /etc/cron.daily/apt is holding memory while "sleep" Undecided Confirmed apt 48 weeks

From: Jérôme
Link: apt-delayed-maintenance.diff

changes in /etc/cron.daily/apt and new /usr/lib/apt/maintenance.sh

Bug #1178539: gdb 7.6 can take tens of seconds to resolve symbols in C++ High Triaged gdb 49 weeks
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