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Bug #1342400: avahi-daemon constantly reporting "Invalid response packet from host" Medium Confirmed avahi 2 days
Bug #1298325: ifenslave can't delete interfaces from a bond High Confirmed ifenslave 3 days

From: T Parys
Link: changes.patch

Patch to ifenslave

Bug #1594776: add-apt-repository explodes on missing ppa Medium Triaged software-properties 5 days

From: Michael Vogt
Link: lp1594776-shortcuts.diff

proposed fix

Bug #1594452: Add vulcan support Medium Confirmed binutils 6 days

From: dann frazier
Link: gcc-6-vulcan-support.patch


Bug #1594452: Add vulcan support Medium Confirmed gcc-6 6 days

From: dann frazier
Link: gcc-6-vulcan-support.patch


Bug #1594452: Add vulcan support Undecided New gcc-5 6 days

From: dann frazier
Link: gcc-6-vulcan-support.patch


Bug #1594321: busybox-initramfs only useful on Linux Undecided New busybox 7 days

From: Jon Boden
Link: busybox-initramfs.diff


Bug #1594060: abort when writing rgf format Undecided New imagemagick 8 days

From: David Lechner
Link: fix-abort-on-write-rgf.patch


Bug #1593217: Merge clocksetup with debian 0.128 Wishlist New clock-setup 11 days

From: Dave Chiluk
Link: clock-setup.debdiff


Bug #1592862: Merge e2fsprogs from Debian 1.43.1-1 Wishlist New e2fsprogs 12 days

From: Dave Chiluk
Link: e2fsprogs.debdiff


Bug #1592796: doxygen fails to build in xenial on amd64 High Confirmed doxygen 12 days

From: Matthias Klose
Link: doxygen.diff


Bug #1588548: Build sbsigntool on Solaris Undecided New sbsigntool 12 days

From: mat troi
Link: upstream.patch


Bug #1592229: Install grub-efi-ia32 on i386/efi platforms High New grub-installer 13 days

From: Shih-Yuan Lee
Link: grub-installer_1.78ubuntu20.4.debdiff


Bug #1591818: Add support for running a 64-bit Linux kernel on a 32-bit EFI. Undecided New grub2 2 weeks

From: Shih-Yuan Lee
Link: grub2_2.02~beta2-9ubuntu1.9.debdiff


Bug #1591475: GNU/kFreeBSD support (imported from Debian) Low Confirmed debian-installer 2 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: debian-installer.diff


Bug #253119: PPA packages do not show a changelog in update-manager Wishlist Confirmed update-manager 3 weeks

From: Matthew Paul Thomas
Link: update-manager_0.87.31~ppa1h.debdiff

“Implement PPA changelog viewing” — patch from ~tj in duplicate bug 254552

Bug #1589288: python3.4 package missing threading module in trusty-security High New python3.4 3 weeks

From: bugchecker
Link: libpython3.4-minimal_3.4.0-2ubuntu1.1custompatch1.patch


Bug #1579834: update-apt-xapian-index-dbus fails because of wrong import Medium Confirmed apt-xapian-index 4 weeks

From: Carlo Vanini
Link: import_glib.patch

fix import of glib (updated)

Bug #1584485: Upgrading samba to latest security fixes together with winbind in nsswitch.conf can harm entire OS High In Progress samba 5 weeks

From: Rafael David Tinoco
Link: yakkety_samba_4.3.8+dfsg-0ubuntu2.debdiff


Bug #1548425: update-manager crashed with AttributeError in check_hovering(): 'tuple' object has no attribute 'get_tags' Medium Triaged update-manager 5 weeks

From: Marius Gedminas
Link: backport-lp1548425-to-xenial.debdiff

backport of the fix to Xenial

Bug #1496292: Needs to be ported to packagekit 1 High Fix Committed aptdaemon 5 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: lp1496292.diff

untested patch.

Bug #1496292: Needs to be ported to packagekit 1 High Confirmed packagekit 5 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: lp1496292.diff

untested patch.

Bug #1582270: sddm only works if plasma.desktop is in /usr/share/xsessions Undecided New casper 6 weeks

From: Julien Lavergne
Link: casper_1.377.debdiff


Bug #1582267: please merge busybox from debian Wishlist New busybox 6 weeks

From: LocutusOfBorg
Link: debdiff


Bug #1582219: please merge choose-mirror from debian Wishlist New choose-mirror 6 weeks

From: LocutusOfBorg
Link: debdiff


Bug #1582181: AArch64: slow cpuinfo due to redundant loop Undecided New lshw 6 weeks

From: Alexandru Avadanii
Link: AArch64-cpuinfo-Remove-redundant-cpu-caps-loop.patch


Bug #1581299: shim: set second stage not work High Triaged shim 6 weeks

From: Ivan Hu
Link: 0001-shim-dealing-with-only-one-string-on-loadoption.patch


Bug #1581272: gpsd always runs in 'non-daemonised' or not at all Undecided Incomplete gpsd 7 weeks

From: wadda
Link: gpsd.service.patch

allow systemd to control gpsd

Bug #1581084: CMS Consistency Test failed Undecided Confirmed openssl 7 weeks

From: Marc Deslauriers
Link: update-expired-smime-test-certs.patch


Bug #1572613: GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation Wishlist Triaged gcc-4.9 7 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: gcc-5.debdiff


Bug #1572613: GCC stack access scheduled after stack deallocation Wishlist Triaged gcc-5-cross 7 weeks

From: Dimitri John Ledkov
Link: gcc-5.debdiff


Bug #1561250: Xenial vagrant image is missing its hostname in /etc/hosts High Confirmed livecd-rootfs 7 weeks

From: GGeorg
Link: live-build.patch


Bug #1578540: setupcon looks for VARIANT in wrong path: /usr/etc/default/ Medium New console-setup 8 weeks

From: TJ
Link: setupcon.patch

Patch that uses findfile() to locate the variant config

Bug #1578505: Raspberry Pi 3 support Wishlist Triaged flash-kernel 8 weeks

From: Ryan Finnie
Link: flash-kernel-3.0~rc.4ubuntu63.debdiff


Bug #1481536: "cryptsetup: unknown fstype, bad password or options?" error unlocking / decrypting LUKS volume at boot High Confirmed cryptsetup 9 weeks

From: Richard Hansen
Link: cryptsetup-1481536-v4.patch


Bug #1571456: id crashed with SIGSEGV in sock_eq() Medium Triaged glibc 9 weeks

From: Anders Kaseorg
Link: glibc_2.23-0ubuntu3_lp1571456.debdiff


Bug #1574849: plain has stopped working while https works Medium Confirmed pastebinit 9 weeks

From: Robert C Jennings
Link: https_manpage_example.patch


Bug #1573547: Apt's bash completion is incomplete Low Fix Committed apt 9 weeks

From: Svyatoslav Gryaznov
Link: fix_apt_build-dep_clean.diff


Bug #1571506: update-initramfs won't include firmware in /lib/firmware/updates Undecided New initramfs-tools 10 weeks

From: Qiang Yu
Link: fix.patch


Bug #1570142: net-interface-handler needs updating for newer ifupdown High In Progress open-iscsi 11 weeks

From: Scott Moser
Link: try-number2.debdiff

second try: make sure we run the upstart

Bug #1570055: FTBFS on powerpc Undecided New glibc 11 weeks

From: Steve Langasek
Link: lua5.3-1570055.diff


Bug #1567697: libcurl is missing http2 support High Confirmed curl 11 weeks

From: Alvaro Figueroa
Link: curl-http2-fix.patch

curl http2 fix

Bug #1565345: ubuntuBSD support Undecided New shadow 12 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: shadow.diff


Bug #1565340: ubuntuBSD support Undecided New update-notifier 12 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: update-notifier.diff


Bug #1565071: ubuntuBSD support in update-grub Undecided New grub2 12 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: grub2.diff


Bug #1564426: Import problem - Spanish (es) - glib20 in Ubuntu Xenial package "glib2.0" Low New glib2.0 13 weeks

From: Greg Mason
Link: fix_es.po_invalid_line.patch

fix invalid comment line.

Bug #1563658: two typos in /etc/init.d/skeleton Low Triaged sysvinit 13 weeks

From: Jonathanius
Link: patch.txt

patch fixing reported typos

Bug #1562598: exclude gccgo-doc on non-go architectures Undecided New gcc-defaults 13 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: gcc-defaults.diff


Bug #1561606: Re-enable multi-layer squashfs support Undecided New casper 14 weeks

From: Daniel
Link: casper-1.365-multilayer-overlayfs.patch

Fully-working patch for casper, tested with version 1.365 amd amd64

Bug #1560899: sqlite triggers syscall error if run as root in snappy default confinement (fchown not allowed) High Confirmed sqlite3 14 weeks

From: Alexander Sack
Link: 10-avoid-null-op-fchown-when-when-root.patch

quilt dropin patch against latest xenial

Bug #1550210: Desktop file does not open ImageMagick from the menu Medium Triaged imagemagick 14 weeks

From: Ross Gammon
Link: imagemagick_6.8.9.9-7ubuntu5.debdiff


Bug #1543352: inet6 dhcp doesn't wait for link-local address to leave tentative - dhclient fails to bind High Triaged ifupdown 14 weeks

From: Amr Ibrahim
Link: ipv6-wait-properly-for-link-local-address-to-go-through-dad.patch


Bug #1558079: cryptsetup tcryptOpen doesn't work anymore Medium Confirmed cryptsetup 14 weeks

From: hede
Link: 10_no_setkey_after_accept.patch

do not alter the cryptd-socket after accepting it

Bug #1559788: Misc ubuntuBSD fixes Undecided New console-setup 14 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: console-setup.diff


Bug #1559781: patch to build as root Undecided New subversion 14 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: subversion.diff


Bug #1559674: hdparm-udeb only available on Linux Low New cdrom-detect 14 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: cdrom-detect.diff


Bug #1558109: Incorrect calculation of string lengths Medium New live-build 15 weeks

From: Daniel
Link: variant2.patch

Alternative patch with much simpler syntax but equal result

Bug #1553993: grub2 should ignore xen hypervisor EFI files when building menus Low New grub2 16 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: mkconfig_ignore_xen_efi.patch

Proposed change for Xenial

Bug #1520575: casper-sn persistence fails in 14.04.3, 15.10 Undecided Confirmed casper 16 weeks

From: a1bert
Link: casper-persistent-boot.patch

dirty fix

Bug #1552372: [FFE] support cgroup namespace unshare Undecided Confirmed util-linux 17 weeks

From: Serge Hallyn
Link: util-linux.debdiff

Working debdiff implementing the cgroup namespace support for nsenter and unshare

Bug #1551790: mdadm-waitidle must run after umountroot Medium Confirmed mdadm 17 weeks

From: Stefan Bader
Link: proposed.debdiff


Bug #189617: policykit integration missing High Triaged gdebi 17 weeks

From: Julien Lavergne
Link: gdebi_0.9.5.7ubuntu1.debdiff


Bug #1549603: Please clearly document how users can return usb drive to a storage drive or better yet provide a means to do so Medium Confirmed usb-creator 17 weeks

From: sudodus
Link: restore-pendrive


Bug #534179: Feature Request: Include bash syslog package Undecided Confirmed bash 20 weeks

From: r.stricklin
Link: logbash-pkg.patch


Bug #1542080: Needs tar/xattr support to build docker High Confirmed gccgo-4.9 21 weeks

From: dann frazier
Link: libgo-add-tar-xattr-support.debdiff


Bug #1537635: Reduce zlib compression level for massive performance increase Undecided Confirmed apport 22 weeks

From: Anders Kaseorg
Link: apport_2.19.3-0ubuntu3_zlib-level-1.debdiff


Bug #1537394: /etc/login.defs has Unicode apostrophe in comments Low Triaged shadow 22 weeks

From: Kevin Cole
Link: login.defs.patch

Changed "\u00b4" to "'"

Bug #1535898: Trusty & Vivid multipath-tools (multipathd) seg-fault core dump High Incomplete multipath-tools 23 weeks

From: Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
Link: multipath-tools_alias_free.debdiff

deal with mpp->alias being allocated wrong

Bug #1536597: error of processing hwaddr kernel option Medium Incomplete initramfs-tools 23 weeks

From: Alexandr Larin
Link: Fix-hwaddr-option-processing.patch


Bug #1315565: nss-winbind is returing -1 for supplemental groups Undecided Confirmed samba 23 weeks
Bug #1481871: apt-key del silently fails to delete keys due to limited understanding of GPG key ID formats High Triaged apt 25 weeks

From: Michael Vogt
Link: apt_1.0.10.2ubuntu1.1.debdiff

wily debdiff

Bug #1309658: apt.conf man page should indicate # is also used for comments Medium Triaged apt 25 weeks

From: Dillon Brock
Link: add-comment-type-to-manpage.patch


Bug #1223622: add support for crypttab mounting of luks devices with detached headers Low Confirmed cryptsetup 26 weeks

From: DiagonalArg
Link: cryptsetup.1.6.6.initrd.cryptroot.scripts.patch

Bug #1528297: libvpx FTBFS with gcc 5.3 on armhf Undecided New libvpx 27 weeks

From: Colin Watson
Link: incomplete-array-parameters.patch


Bug #1526960: on_ac_power doesn't notice usb powersupply Undecided New powermgmt-base 28 weeks

From: SKOM
Link: unattended-upgrades.diff


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