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Bug #1479268: TarballImportContext crashes when comparing the last char of empty strings Undecided Fix Committed 151 weeks

From: Tobias Herp
Link: tarballimportcontext.patch


Bug #1217123: zope.cachedescriptors documentation promotes errors Undecided New 251 weeks

From: Michael JasonSmith
Link: fix-property-doc.txt

Untested patch to fix the documentation for zope.cachedescriptors.

Bug #1071431: BTreeFolder2: FTP upload not working anymore Undecided Confirmed 261 weeks

From: Benoît PIN

Bug #1152193: discards HTTP method argument Undecided New 274 weeks

From: Victor Engmark

Zope patch

Bug #984884: VirtualHostMonster silently trims a slash from a double slash Low Confirmed 322 weeks

From: Anthony Gerrard
Link: doubleslash-tests.patch

Two failing tests

Bug #965178: MailHost overrides explicitly set 'From' header in the message text. Low Confirmed 325 weeks

From: Taras Melnychuk

Bug #855649: Security enhancement for reverse proxy setups Wishlist Confirmed 352 weeks

From: gabriel
Link: trusted_proxy_security_enhancement.diff


Bug #735999: Zope 2.12 PythonScript manage_change_history_page functionalities broken for old objects Low Confirmed 371 weeks

From: Vincent Pelletier

Bug #728307: ZTUtils.Zope make_hidden_input's output is invalid as XHTML 1.0 Medium Confirmed 381 weeks

From: Kazuhiko
Link: make_hidden_input.patch


Bug #706946: Saving a Page Template with a content-type except text/html or text/xml raises an exception in Zope-2.12 Medium Confirmed 386 weeks

From: Kazuhiko
Link: Zope-2.12-PageTemplates-unicode-fix.diff


Bug #699865: VirtualHostMonster does not work with IPv6 named hosts Medium Confirmed 386 weeks

From: Łukasz Nowak

src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ tests for IPv6 support with ports

Bug #348463: second Session Data Manager does not work Low Triaged 422 weeks

From: Evgeny Prigorodov

Bug #403437: cut&paste into a ZODB Mount Point does not work, if the mount point comes over zeo Low Confirmed 427 weeks

From: Yusei

Bug #176563: Five: formlib REQUEST parameters conversion Medium Triaged 507 weeks

From: Daniel Widerin

Bug #237326: 'str' object is not callable error in find option Undecided Incomplete 523 weeks

From: Robert Munro
Link: zope-find-fix.patch

Allow find tab to still work if while spidering the site, one rogue file has an error.

Bug #223872: five.localsitemanager doesn't work when explicit 'context' arguments are used in utility lookup Low Triaged 529 weeks

From: Rob Miller (RaFromBRC)
Link: lsm.patch


Bug #211437: After setting cookie_secure to True, BrowserIdManger keeps accepting already set cookies through plain HTTP Low Triaged 533 weeks

From: Servilio Afre Puentes
Link: Sessions-reject_https-only_cookies_over_http.patch


Bug #147843: Feature request: support multiple objects for export / import Wishlist Triaged 559 weeks

From: Wolfgang Thomas
Link: patch-ImportExport-trunk.txt


Bug #143352: Logging of client IP rather than the IP of the Proxy Medium Triaged 578 weeks

From: Eric Windisch
Link: zope-proxy-log-1.patch


Bug #143905: DTMLMethod KeyError: 'validate' Medium Confirmed 583 weeks

From: Tres Seaver
Link: issue_2312-experimental.patch


Bug #143867: UnicodeDecodeError saving Page Template Low Triaged 593 weeks

From: Yury Don
Link: ZopePageTemplate.diff


Bug #143852: reStructuredText package makes it impossible to override settings Low Triaged 597 weeks

From: strank
Link: zoperest-honourusersettings.patch


Bug #143131: PageTemplateFile opens XML files in binary mode Low Triaged 615 weeks

From: yuppie

Bug #143725: Supportiing hosey MS Windows/Office webdav... Wishlist Triaged 627 weeks

From: Marc Mengel
Link: Resource_py_diff


Bug #143673: Drop dead requests Low Triaged 637 weeks

From: Lalo Martins
Link: zserver-svn060404-drop-dead.diff


Bug #143477: Multiple Ctrl+C/Break raise AttributeError on shutdown Wishlist Triaged 672 weeks

From: Joachim Bauch
Link: WinSignals_AttributeError_Fix.diff


Bug #143385: Port of ZOPE_CONFIG to 2.8 Wishlist Triaged 686 weeks

From: Erik Dahl
Link: ZOPE_CONFIG.patch


Bug #143281: acl_users fails if an object named 'user' exists Low Confirmed 701 weeks

From: Stefan H. Holek
Link: editUser.patch


Bug #143248: Problem with Cut/Paste across mounted databases Medium Triaged 707 weeks

From: Brent Hendricks
Link: CopySupport.patch


Bug #143957: Expresssions.restrictedTraverse doesn't handle __bobo_traverse__ correctly Medium Triaged 713 weeks

From: Francis J. Lacoste
Link: restrictedTraverse.patch


Bug #143956: Traversable.unrestrictedTraverse doesn't handle __bobo_traverse__ correctly Medium Triaged 713 weeks

From: Francis J. Lacoste
Link: unrestrictedTraverse.patch


Bug #143133: xmlrpc server returning not well formed xml in some cases Low Incomplete 720 weeks

From: Maciej Pietrzak
Link: xmlrpc-fault.patch


Bug #143129: Allow for non-seekable input streams in ZPublisher Medium Triaged 721 weeks

From: Andreas Ames
Link: HTTPRequest-3.patch


Bug #143065: Configuration file imports don't see INSTANCE_HOME when running zope as a windows service Low Triaged 728 weeks

From: Michael Dunstan
Link: zopeservice.patch


Bug #143022: BaseRequest.traverse doesn't handle __bobo_traverse__ correctly Medium Triaged 733 weeks

From: Joachim Werner
Link: bobobaseNoneHandling.diff


Bug #142568: OFS.Cache remixed by DJ Lessbugs Wishlist Triaged 788 weeks

From: Jamie Heilman
Link: cmassoc.diff


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