get_transaction() doesn't work in Zope 2.9

Bug #143584 reported by morphex on 2005-12-11
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Zope 2
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Bug Description

Using get_transaction() fails (raises a NameError)

Andreas Jung (ajung) wrote :

Status: Pending => Accepted

 Supporters added: tim_one

I think we must restore the functionality for Zope 2.9 b2.
We should remove it in Zope 2.10 or 2.11.

Tres Seaver (tseaver) wrote :

Status: Accepted => Pending

 Supporters removed: tim_one

Shouldn't be in ZODB -- let's put the BBB cruft in the Zope2
package, instead (since ZODB published its deprectaion warnings
cleanly, and did what it promised).

Removing Tim as I don't believe we should touch ZODB at all for

Tim Peters (tim-one) wrote :

Yup, get_transaction() was officially deprecated in ZODB 3.4, and removed in ZODB 3.6 (which Zope 2.9 uses). From ZODB 3.6 news:

Removal of Features Deprecated in ZODB 3.4

(3.6b2) ZODB 3.6 no longer contains features officially deprecated in the ZODB 3.4 release. These include:

- ``get_transaction()``. Use ``transaction.get()`` instead. ``transaction.commit()`` is a shortcut spelling of ``transaction.get().commit()``, and ``transaction.abort()`` of ``transaction.get().abort()``. Note that importing ZODB no longer installs ``get_transaction`` as a name in Python's ``__builtin__`` module either.

- The ``begin()`` method of ``Transaction`` objects. Use the ``begin()`` method of a transaction manager instead. ``transaction.begin()`` is a shortcut spelling to call the default transaction manager's ``begin()`` method.

- The ``dt`` argument to ``Connection.cacheMinimize()``.

- The ``Connection.cacheFullSweep()`` method. Use ``cacheMinimize()`` instead.

- The ``Connection.getTransaction()`` method. Pass a transaction manager to ```` instead.

- The ``Connection.getLocalTransaction()`` method. Pass a transaction manager to ```` instead.

- The ``cache_deactivate_after`` and ``version_cache_deactivate_after`` arguments to the ``DB`` constructor.

- The ``temporary``, ``force``, and ``waitflag`` arguments to ````. ```` no longer blocks (there's no longer a fixed limit on the number of open connections).

- The ``transaction`` and ``txn_mgr``arguments to ````. Use the ``transaction_manager`` argument instead.

- The ``getCacheDeactivateAfter``, ``setCacheDeactivateAfter``, ``getVersionCacheDeactivateAfter`` and ``setVersionCacheDeactivateAfter`` methods of ``DB``.

Tres Seaver (tseaver) wrote :

Changes: submitter email, edited transcript, new comment

tidy line wrapping

Tres Seaver (tseaver) wrote :

Status: Pending => Resolved

BBB added in Zope2.App.startup on the 2.9 branch, with a deprecation
warning noting that the builtin will be removed in Zope 2.10 / May 2006:

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