Having to set variable in start script AND .conf is idiotic :-(

Bug #143046 reported by ChrisW on 2004-06-28
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Zope 2

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For both zeo.conf and zope.conf, having to set the INSTANCE_HOME and the like in both the start script and the .conf file is idiotic.

..especially for idiots like me, who update one adn forget to update the other, and then can't figure out why things aren't working!


These should be set in one place and one place only - PLEASE!

Status: Pending => Rejected

While they share their name, they don't refer to one single setting that is somehow shared by both ZEO server and client. Both need them separately. In many cases they have different values, such as when you set up the ZEO server to live in a different place than the client.

ChrisW (chris-simplistix) wrote :

Status: Rejected => Pending

You miss the point, I'm not talking about client and server.

I'm talking about:

...which all set various things that are used throughout.
These should be defined in one place and referenced from others, but this is pretty low priority.

ChrisW (chris-simplistix) wrote :

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Hanno Schlichting (hannosch) wrote :

I'm not aware of this kind of duplication with the current build process in Zope 2.12+.

Changed in zope2:
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Tres Seaver (tseaver) wrote :

I can confirm that the duplication is present: basically, the zopectl and runzope scripts set the 'INSTANCE_HOME' environment variable out of supersition:

 $ cd projects/Zope-CVS/Zope-2.12-branch/
 $ bin/mkzopeinstance -d /tmp/z212 -u zope:r00ler
 $ cd /tmp/z212
 $ grep INSTANCE bin/* etc/*
 bin/runzope:export INSTANCE_HOME
 bin/runzope.bat:@set INSTANCE_HOME=/tmp/z212
 bin/runzope.bat:@set CONFIG_FILE=%INSTANCE_HOME%\etc\zope.conf
 bin/zopectl:export INSTANCE_HOME
 bin/zopectl.bat:@set INSTANCE_HOME=/tmp/z212
 bin/zopectl.bat:@set CONFIG_FILE=%INSTANCE_HOME%\etc\zope.conf
 etc/zope.conf:%define INSTANCE /tmp/z212
 etc/zope.conf:instancehome $INSTANCE
 etc/zope.conf:# Default: $INSTANCE/var
 etc/zope.conf:# Default: $INSTANCE/lib/python
 etc/zope.conf:# path $INSTANCE/mypymodules
 etc/zope.conf:# Default: $INSTANCE/Products
 etc/zope.conf:# mime-types $INSTANCE/etc/mime.types
 etc/zope.conf:# publisher-profile-file $INSTANCE/var/profile.dat
 etc/zope.conf: path $INSTANCE/log/event.log
 etc/zope.conf: path $INSTANCE/log/Z2.log
 etc/zope.conf:# path $INSTANCE/log/trace.log
 etc/zope.conf: path $INSTANCE/var/Data.fs
 etc/zope.conf:# var $INSTANCE/var

Deleting the assignment from the two scripts still allows Zope to start,
which suggests that they are unnecessary. In fact, they predate the
ZConfig handler which sets the environment variable based on the config

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Colin Watson (cjwatson) wrote :

The zope2 project on Launchpad has been archived at the request of the Zope developers (see https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/683589 and https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/685285). If this bug is still relevant, please refile it at https://github.com/zopefoundation/zope2.

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