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Bug Importance Status Project Patch Age
Bug #978980: Page Template source not protected adequately Low Triaged zope-cmf-buildout 283 weeks

From: Tres Seaver
Link: lp978980.patch


Bug #739951: deleteLocalRoles times out Undecided New zope-cmf-buildout 366 weeks

From: sureshvv
Link: patch1.diff


Bug #599325: Inappropriate context variable in FSPageTemplates within DirectoryViewSurrogates Low Confirmed zope-cmf-buildout 403 weeks
Bug #397844: MetaDataTool cannot correctly manage non-ASCII-Characters Low Incomplete zope-cmf-buildout 435 weeks

From: gabriel
Link: metadataElementPolicies.dtml.patch

fix for management_page_charset set to "utf-8"

Bug #267356: UnicodeDecodeError in Low Confirmed zope-cmf-buildout 498 weeks

From: Tres Seaver
Link: lp267356-test.patch


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