Comment 1 for bug 599325

I am adding a patch (with a test) that addresses the above issue. The patch also needs a new file in the tests directory of CMFCore, which I also attach (, that would live in


Is this the right way to add a file?

The patch differs from the above code in that I am not including the line

            c['container'] = c['container'].__of__(aq_parent(aq_inner(context)))

First, that does not change the c['container'], it remains the same as before. Second, I do not fully understand the semantic relationship between context and container, my first guess was that container was the context.aq_inner.aq_parent but that does not seem to be always (generally?) the case. And third, my use case, which is browser components that get the context from the template, does not involve the container variable at all.

So, untill further notice, I will leave it at this.