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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1444197: persistent 4.0.9 hashes on 32-bit Undecided New 214 weeks

From: Jerry James
Link: python-persistent-timestamp.patch

Patch to fix timestamp hashes

Bug #1048644: can deadlock in tpc_begin Undecided New 349 weeks

From: Jason Madden

Patch against 3.10.5

Bug #1004513: Can't connect to ZEO server on Solaris / Windows Medium Confirmed 365 weeks

From: Tres Seaver
Link: lp1004513.patch


Bug #881493: ZEO client cache does not accept current records on `loadBefore` Undecided Confirmed 395 weeks

From: Malthe Borch
Link: patch.diff


Bug #683751: blob storage makes anything user-readable only Undecided New 442 weeks

From: Bastian Blank
Link: diff


Bug #588370: Connection._rollback invalidates too many objects Undecided New 468 weeks

From: Jacob Holm
Link: too-many-invalidations.patch


Bug #486198: Support for method cache optimization Wishlist Confirmed 496 weeks

From: Yoshinori K. Okuji
Link: ZODB-method_caching.patch


Bug #223331: [patch] fix completely broken Low Triaged 577 weeks

From: Laurence Rowe

Bug #143481: Clock skew and packing Low New 706 weeks

From: Thomas G├╝ttler
Link: BaseStorage_reset_tids.patch


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