Comment 6 for bug 772265

On 28 April 2011 14:24, Markus Korn <email address hidden> wrote:
> I'm not a big friend of the idea to allow someone else than the daemon
> itself modify config files like datasources.(pickle|json), because this
> would require the daemon to watch-out for changes to all config files it
> and its extensions are using.

I am not suggesting that clients modify anything. That would be very
racy. I am suggesting that clients have access to an API that reads
and parses this file under the hood (ie. the file is considered
internal private "API" to Zeitgeist, but dedicated libs are allowed to
access it).

I think we may wanna move in this direction too anyway if/when we
enable WAL on the main db which can allow clients direct read-only
access to the db (still through our APIs ofcourse, but avoiding the
dbus roundtrips).