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Bug #138260 reported by Martijn Faassen on 2007-09-08
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In bug #110133 ( needs code from another egg to build) the case was discussed where a of a package could not proceed because other eggs were expected to be on the python path. A mention of build_requires was made as a possible solution, though in that this would not work, as I had no control over the other package's

This time I'm writing a package myself so I could set a build_requires to mention that cython needs to be installed before building ( There does not seem to be any response to using this command, however. Is this correct? I can find no clear documentation on this command - the only time it comes up is in the context of generating RPMs.

Here's my

from setuptools import setup # tried with plain distutils too
from distutils.extension import Extension

from Cython.Distutils import build_ext

    name = "unbound",
    package_dir = {'': 'src'},
    packages = ['unbound'],
    Extension('unbound.ub', ['src/unbound/ub.pyx', 'src/unbound/unbound.c']),
    cmdclass = {'build_ext': build_ext},

This feature, or the feature discussed in #110133 therefore appears to be needed to let buildout install packages that need special tools (such as cython, a fork of pyrex) to let themselves be installed.

Sean Gillies (sgillies) wrote :

For what it's worth, my work around uses to fetch the Cython source and then uses iw.recipe.cmd to install it into my custom python. See the cython-src and cython-install sections in

Gabriel de Perthuis (g2p) wrote :

You mean setup_requires, as build_requires is a completely different beast ( ). I also would like this setuptools feature to be supported, but an equivalent zc.recipe.egg parameter could be enough.

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