Comment 98 for bug 507148

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

@Andy -- I'm saying that using what is in official Lucid works fine for everything except the guest session (which I never tried until comment #94). If I run my automated tests on official Lucid, there are no 'reserve failed for wait' log messages ever. If I run my automated tests with your kernel, there are 'reserve failed for wait' log messages, but everything appears otherwise ok and the guest session now works. There are more 'reserve failed for wait' log messages by far when running glxgears than anything else.

I have tested the driver on Andy's kernel quite a bit (all with KMS/EXA -- the default in a Lucid install):
* suspend/resume works
* compiz works
* metacity works
* switching the System/Preferences/Appearance/Visual Effects to 'None', 'Normal' and 'Extra' all work
* firefox works
* writer works
* flash works
* full screen totem totem movie works
* ~12 hours of automated tests with glxgears, totem playing a large flv file in repeat mode, and many applications launched/closed all works as well as before

In addition, the kernel has seen real world testing on another system (also T42 with the same radeon 7500 chipset) with firefox, flash plugin, wine, evolution, empathy, suspend/resume, etc, for one work day. That system did not have any of the spurious log messages (no extended use of 3D other than compiz effects). In terms of performance, the system feels the same, but I have not performed instrumented performance tests.

I looked at the 'drm/radeon/kms: Silent spurious error message' patch and I think it is ok to push Andy's kernel with this patch applied. I will continue to keep Andy's current kernel on the other system for continued real world testing and report back if there are any issues, but I think getting the fix into lucid-proposed is a go. Once if lucid-proposed I can retest with my automated script and get that kernel real world testing as well.