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Chris Gagnon (chris.gagnon) wrote :

Here is a proof of concept by adding the following to

def mouse_b1_press(x, y):
    pyatspi.Registry.generateMouseEvent(x, y, pyatspi.MOUSE_BP1)

def mouse_abs(x,y)
    pyatspi.Registry.generateMouseEvent(x, y, pyatspi.MOUSE_ABS)

def mouse_rel(x,y)
    pyatspi.Registry.generateMouseEvent(x, y, pyatspi.MOUSE_REL)

def mouse_b1_release(x, y):
    pyatspi.Registry.generateMouseEvent(x, y, pyatspi.MOUSE_BR1)

b1c - Left button click

b2c - Middle button click

b3c - Right button click

b1d - Left button double click

b2d - Middle button double click

b3d - Right button double click

abs - absolute motion

rel - relative motion

b1p - Button 1 press

b1r - Button 1 release

b3p - Button 3 press

b3r - Button 3 release