For GNU emacs >=23.1 url-retrieve is called with the wrong arguments

Bug #992484 reported by Steinar Bang
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Bug Description

In both emacs 23.1 (Ubuntu 10.4) and 23.4 (debian testing)
url-retrieve is defined like this:
 (defun url-retrieve (url callback &optional cbargs)

In xml-rpc.el the url-retrieve method is called like this:
  (cond ((boundp 'url-be-asynchronous) ; Sniff for w3 lib capability
         (if async-callback-function
             (setq url-be-asynchronous t
                   url-current-callback-data (list
           (setq url-be-asynchronous nil))
         (url-retrieve server-url t)

Ie. if url-be-asynchronous is defined, url-retrieve is called with t as
the second argument, and this will fail because url-retrieve-internal
tests the argument like so:
  (if (not (functionp callback))
      (error "Must provide a callback function to url-retrieve"))

Revision history for this message
Steinar Bang (sb-dod) wrote :

Please disregard this bug. I had some very old settings (older than 2002-03-12, which is as far as my current version control goes), that interfered and caused the wrong branch of a cond clause to be called:
(setq w3-user-fonts-take-precedence t ; Use _my_ font.
      w3-user-colors-take-precedence t ; Use _my_ colors.
      w3-honor-stylesheets nil ; No, just do it..
      w3-use-terminal-characters nil ; No weird characters.
      w3-use-terminal-characters-on-tty nil
      w3-horizontal-rule-char 45 ; I said: no weird characters
      w3-display-frames nil
      url-be-asynchronous t
      w3-do-incremental-display t
      url-honor-refresh-requests nil
      w3-delay-image-loads t)

I removed the url-be-asynchronous setting and then xml-rpc worked.

Changed in xml-rpc-el:
status: New → Invalid
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