Comment 7 for bug 1101982

In , scar (arch-scar) wrote :

I've marked this bug major, as it causes a user-defined security setting's failure.

I've a full xfce install on Arch Linux, and I've noticed the following:

In xfce4-power-managers settings I've checked the lock screen after resume fom sleep/hibernate option, and when I hibernate or suspend from the power managers tray icon, it follows my settings.

However, I think the REAL way of quitting your desktop is by design, tradition, logic and whatever, is by the xfce4-session-logout dialog. And this one DOES NOT RESPECT the power managers settings. So, on a laptop, if I suspend it, everyone can resume and use my machine without any password checking. I think this is a really serious issue.

Tested: GUI (suspend/hibernate) xfce4-session-logout
        CLI xfce4-session-logout ( with --suspend and --hibernate options)

Does not work.

So there's an inconsistency between the two utilities, and I thionk, because Xfce is a Desktop Environment, its elements should respect each others settings.
And I think the one that has to be modified is Xfce-session-logout, because the power manager works correctly.

package: xfce4-session 4.10.0-3