Comment 51 for bug 610898

bcbc (bcbc) wrote :

I updated my current non-windows Natty install and it updated lupin-support to the latest version. So I reran dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc. It ran grub-install and it updated my wubildr on the Windows partition /dev/sda2 correctly (install is on /dev/sda3). The only downside is that it prompted me where to install Grub and gave me two choices: /dev/sda (checkbox not selected) and /dev/loop0 (checkbox selected). I left /dev/loop0 selected and proceeded. Reboot worked successfully.

This may not be a great test case as that Natty was a bit beaten. I'm going to run a maverick to natty upgrade test on the non-windows partition soon and I'll report back on what I find. I'll confirm whether the /dev/sda prompt is given on upgrade.

But in terms of the wubildr update on the different partition - it worked perfectly!.