Writetype does not finish make with sources for other distributions

Bug #1672891 reported by Mélodie on 2017-03-14
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Bug Description


I downloaded the http://writetype.bernsteinforpresident.com/downloads/wt-1.3.163.tar.gz "available for other distributions" in Manjaro Linux.

I get this with the make command:

$ make
pyuic4 ui/mainwindow.ui -o writetype/ui_mainwindow.py
pyuic4 ui/settings.ui -o writetype/ui_settings.py
pyuic4 ui/statistics.ui -o writetype/ui_statistics.py
pyuic4 ui/distractionfree.ui -o writetype/ui_distractionfree.py
pyrcc4 res/resources.qrc -o writetype/resources_rc.py
Cannot find file: debug.png
Cannot find file: background.png
cp translations/qt_bg.ts translations/new_qt_bg.ts
pylupdate4 writetype/*.py -ts translations/new_qt_bg.ts
lrelease-qt4 translations/qt_bg.ts -qm translations/qt_bg.qm
Updating 'translations/qt_bg.qm'...
    Generated 138 translation(s) (138 finished and 0 unfinished)
cp translations/qt_es.ts translations/new_qt_es.ts
pylupdate4 writetype/*.py -ts translations/new_qt_es.ts
lrelease-qt4 translations/qt_es.ts -qm translations/qt_es.qm
Updating 'translations/qt_es.qm'...
    Generated 135 translation(s) (134 finished and 1 unfinished)
    Ignored 3 untranslated source text(s)
cp translations/qt_ru.ts translations/new_qt_ru.ts
pylupdate4 writetype/*.py -ts translations/new_qt_ru.ts
lrelease-qt4 translations/qt_ru.ts -qm translations/qt_ru.qm
Updating 'translations/qt_ru.qm'...
    Generated 136 translation(s) (136 finished and 0 unfinished)
    Ignored 2 untranslated source text(s)
cp translations/qt_it.ts translations/new_qt_it.ts
pylupdate4 writetype/*.py -ts translations/new_qt_it.ts
lrelease-qt4 translations/qt_it.ts -qm translations/qt_it.qm
Updating 'translations/qt_it.qm'...
    Generated 138 translation(s) (138 finished and 0 unfinished)
cp translations/qt_eu_ES.ts translations/new_qt_eu_ES.ts
pylupdate4 writetype/*.py -ts translations/new_qt_eu_ES.ts
lrelease-qt4 translations/qt_eu_ES.ts -qm translations/qt_eu_ES.qm
Updating 'translations/qt_eu_ES.qm'...
    Generated 135 translation(s) (119 finished and 16 unfinished)
    Ignored 3 untranslated source text(s)
cp translations/qt_nl_NL.ts translations/new_qt_nl_NL.ts
pylupdate4 writetype/*.py -ts translations/new_qt_nl_NL.ts
lrelease-qt4 translations/qt_nl_NL.ts -qm translations/qt_nl_NL.qm
Updating 'translations/qt_nl_NL.qm'...
    Generated 137 translation(s) (114 finished and 23 unfinished)
    Ignored 1 untranslated source text(s)
pylupdate4 writetype/*.py -ts translations/writetype.ts
printf "aboutrevno = `bzr revno`" > writetype/revno.py
bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/joyce/writetype/".
bzr log > CHANGELOG
bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/home/joyce/writetype/".
make: *** [Makefile:19: changelog] Error 3


and before I added bzr to the list of installed packages, the make would end with error complaining bzr was not found.

How can it be fixed?


Max Shinn (mwshinn) wrote :

Thanks for the bug report. I am traveling at the moment without my development machine, but I will take a look at it in a week and a half when I return!

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