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Yeah, I tried that in ubuntu, but must have got the syntax of the command
<imagefile> would that be the entire path to the image file, like

Im a newbie at Linux..

On Wed, Jan 18, 2012 at 3:28 PM, Tobin Davis <email address hidden>wrote:

> You shouldn't have to format the usb stick first. The program writes a
> raw image to the device, overwriting any partitioning/formatting.
> You might try a different usb stick or if you have a Linux system, try
> raw writing the image from there with "sudo dd bs=4M if=<image file>
> of=/dev/<usb drive>" (where <image file> is the name of the img, and
> <usb drive> is the raw drive i.e. /dev/sdb).
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> Title:
> Get to Chromium splash screen, then nothing
> Status in Image Writer for Windows:
> Incomplete
> Bug description:
> I used XP pro to build newest vanilla and Lime image, seemed to build
> fine except for that error 8 that everyone is talking about.
> When booting from USB, I get to splash screen then nothing. Vanilla or
> Lime. Screen just goes black, I can type stuff and see it on the screen,
> but thats all it does.
> Also, on a few computers I get some text saying Kernel panic - not
> synching: Stack-protector: Kernel stack is corrupted in 81671b33...a bunch
> of other stuff, then the last line says switching back to text console...
> Any ideas?????
> Are my PC's too old? They are dell demension 2400 and server poweredge 800
> Thanks
> Matt
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