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JimBo (barreda-jm) wrote :

Colin's patch worked for me (Ubuntu 10.04 32bits).
Needed to install before compiling : bzr g++ devscripts debhelper
Modified command for compiling (just added "sudo" in the last dpkg -i command :

rm -rf ~/wiithon-compilation && mkdir wiithon-compilation && cd wiithon-compilation && wget … 20493.diff && bzr branch lp:wiithon trunk && cd trunk && patch -p0 -i ../Wiithon\ trunk\ -\ Fix\ Error\ importando\ wiitdb.xml\:\ No\ existe\ el\ XML-\ WORKING\ with\ trunk\ revision\ 493.diff && DEBEMAIL="COLIN Stephane <email address hidden>" dch --create --package "wiithon" --newversion "1.21-trunk-revision-$(cat .bzr/branch/last-revision | awk '{print $1}')" Trunk new upstream release ... && dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot ; sudo dpkg -i ../wiithon_1.21-trunk-revision-493_i386.deb

Tada !

For people who doesn't want to compile, my i386 (32bits) deb package is here :
And the 64bits version by Hizoka in :
(See our posts in French forum : )

Thanks all guys for the patch !!!