Comment 7 for bug 944679

Probably some old series of the wiimote plus are working (I don't know
because I do not have one). In the new one
Nintendo changed a communication protocol and they are not working.
See the wii forum (connected with HBC), that I've posted.
The result of connecting the new one is, as I've described.


Dnia 13-03-2012 o godz. 9:12 J. FĂŠlix OntaĂąón napisał(a):
> Hi @bzdet99
> Cwiid site states that motion plus works with cwiid.
> Would you be so nice to test that snippet for verifying motion plus is
> supported?
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> Title:
> new wiimote plus not working
> Status in Wiican:
> Incomplete
> Bug description:
> It seems to be a general problem, not exactly connected with wiican.
> The new wiimote plus are not working. lswm does not detect it.
> wminput with mac cannot nonnect and Wmgui does not detect it as well.
> However, when I was trying wiican, wiimote was connected and visible by
> xinput,
> but I was not able to use it as a mouse. The cursor remained in the same
> place...
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