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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1807701: Extraneous TRANSLATORS comment Undecided In Progress 5 weeks

From: Steven De Herdt
Link: stray]-untranslated_many_more.patch


Bug #1807625: Flatpak package Undecided New 5 weeks

From: scx
Link: widelands-trunk-appdata.patch

Trunk: Fix AppData file

Bug #1803602: Frisian campaign not visible after Atlanteans' Undecided Fix Committed 9 weeks

From: Steven De Herdt
Link: show_frisian_campaign_after_atlanteans.patch


Bug #1784490: macOS: Version neither in Finder nor Spotlight shown Undecided Fix Committed 24 weeks

From: Toni Förster
Link: patch.txt

Patch for macOS

Bug #1740141: Artifact on map Crossing the Horizon can't be conquered Undecided Fix Committed 55 weeks

From: 3plus4i
Link: Crossing the Horizon 1.1.wmf

Map version with *actually* fixed building space for artifact

Bug #1705950: empire mission 4 Wishlist Fix Committed 66 weeks

From: Steven De Herdt
Link: Mission4-place_carriers_on_starting_roads_and_recruits_in_barracks.patch


Bug #1618557: Swapped keyboard keys not always recognized Undecided Fix Committed 112 weeks

From: Steven De Herdt
Link: swapped_keyboard-v1.patch


Bug #1395238: soldiers getting stuck High Confirmed 161 weeks

From: Janosch Peters
Link: ignore-blocked-nodes.patch


Bug #1203436: Widelands relies on POSIX functions to be defined Medium Fix Committed 208 weeks

From: Simon Eilting
Link: 0003-replace-strcasecmp-with-boost-iequals-and-boost-iend.patch


Bug #630708: The watch window appears in the center of the screen as default Low Confirmed 424 weeks

From: Andreas Breitschopp
Link: watchwindow.patch


Bug #536607: Move Bob::calc_drawpos out of the game logic Low Confirmed 470 weeks

From: Sigra
Link: move_bob_calc_drawpos_out_of_game_logic-1.diff

RE: Move Bob::calc_drawpos out of the game logic

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