Comment 9 for bug 861840

SirVer (sirver) wrote :

seems like you made quite some progress here. I first comment on #6 and #7. The improvements seem good to me, the only thing that I find strange is that one field (top left to the cursor in shot0004) became a big building but was a medium before. How come?

About the harbors: I strongly urge to stick with what we have in this regard, that is harbor buildings should be special and placed by the map maker. We had this dicussion a while ago (I remember Peter being involved) and tested a bit around and found that is is really hard to make a constraint map - that is one map where you only should be able to build a harbor in places where the map maker intended to - if you do not make harbor buildings specially placed in the editor. Ports are so important from a strategic point of view that they deserve special treatment.