Comment 10 for bug 861840

Nicolai Hähnle (nha) wrote :

That particular medium building became big because there isn't really a strong reason for it to be medium. All fields occupied by the big building are free, and their neighbours don't have big immovables next to them.

On the other hand, that does suggest a slight tweak to the algorithm, which is to treat non-player immovables as slightly bigger than player immovables. That would result in the buildcaps near granite immovables to behave a bit more like they used to. I will try and see how that looks.

About the harbours, there may have been some confusion by what I wrote: I still intend for them to be placed by the mapmaker. It's just that there are constraints on where the mapmaker can place a designated "port space" (as they are called in the code), and those constraints have changed slightly in the branch. So what the screen shot actually shows is all the places where a mapmaker can put a port space. So, to create that screenshot, I manually placed port spaces everywhere possible, simply to illustrate that in conjunction to the rest of the build possibilities.