Comment 35 for bug 787464

wl-zocker (wl-zocker) wrote :

That are a lot of ideas. It was not easy to choose my favorites:

- I prefer the dark skin. I think it is more "wild", reminding me of bear skin. The disadvantage is that black and blue are not easy to distinguish from the background. (On a light skin, brown, yellow, and grey are bad to recognize, and the black bordering looks a bit strange.)
- I do not like the runes. While the B seems as if you had had no idea (the rune looks like the normal letter), probably nobody will know what that strange F stands for. (Did you use the Futhark runes? If yes, the F rune stands for F and the letter W looks like a P, which would complicate things even more.)
- The wolf is not easy to recognize. I doubt the flag is simply too small for such a complicated design.
- The X remainds me of a "here is the treasure"-cross. Nevertheless, it would be a second alternative.
- The slash is a simple, primitive slash - fitting to the Barbarians.
- My favorite is the axe. It is the typical Barbarian weapon and easy to recognize.
- I am still not happy with the skull. I think the best thing was to leave it away and let the axe speak for itself ;-)