Comment 34 for bug 787464

Chuck Wilder (chuckw20) wrote :

The image I've attached compares the following designs:
1&2 an axe (on dark & light skins)
3&4 a rune "B" (on dark & light skins)
5&6 a rune "W" (on dark & light skins)
7&8 a rune "WL" (on dark & light skins)
9 a "slash" (on dark skin)
10&11 a wolf head (on dark & light skins)
12 an "X" (on dark skin)

Some of the designs are better recognized when animated.

The skull is still optional. (The antlers don't really show up all that well.) Any ideas for a different treatment of the top of the standard? "Nothing" would be the easiest on the graphician. ;D

Where I felt it was needed (especially on the light skins) I added bordering to the image to improve its discernability.

Let me hear your thoughts/votes. The favored candidate(s) will then be presented against the various ground testures. There are just too many combinations to do that right now.