Comment 33 for bug 787464

Chuck Wilder (chuckw20) wrote :

Thank you all for your comments.

I agree the skull atop the standard is difficult to discern. It is modeled after a real wolf skull, but it loses a great deal of detail at that scale. I don't wish to make it any larger, though lest it become a distraction. I'll tack on some horns/antlers and get your feedback. I'm not "married to" the idea. Just thought I'd try it out.

The color pattern on the skin started as an arbitrary spot, but then my imagination conjured a stylized version of the wolf skull.

       hjd wrote: "Maybe we should go for some easier shape or symbol, or reuse some of the runes from the obelisks?"

I LIKE the idea of referencing runes a great deal. I'll cobble together some player color design options and post them soon for discussion. I'll try some runes (maybe a Germanic "WL" or "B" for barbarians), an axe (or two), a "slash", an "X"and a wolf head in profile.

The animation will be suitably slow to convey the sense of mass of the skin.

Thanks again, all. Stay tuned.