Comment 1 for bug 738643

I fully agree with providing some feedback during autosaving. I actually noticed this yesterday and planned to report it, but you beat me to it. :)
I thought about using the chat system or something similar to print some feedback, like "Autosaving..." when it starts, and "Saved" when it is finished. That way, the user will know what the game is doing, while today the game only seems to freeze when the autosave happens, especially on large maps.

When it comes to the save game dialog, I'm a bit unsure since no other dialogs will pause the game. Though I guess it could make sense if the game is paused when bringing up the save game dialog, to better provide time to type in a name for the savegame. I also think the game should be unpaused when the dialog is closed, so you can return to the game instantly. It also needs to handle if the user manually paused the game, though.

Final thought: this bug seems to cover two separate issues to me. Should the part with autosave be split out perhaps?