Rare bug in soldiers code

Bug #674930 reported by SirVer on 2010-11-13
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Bug Description

We were playing a big 2v2v2v2 and there was a huge fight in the middle of the map that resulted in a coredump. here is the backtrace:

0 0x00000001001a0afc in __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<Widelands::Bob::State*, std::vector<Widelands::Bob::State, std::allocator<Widelands::Bob::State> > >::__normal_iterator (this=0x7fff5fbf6d50, __i=@0x68) at stl_iterator.h:653
#1 0x00000001001a0b25 in std::vector<Widelands::Bob::State, std::allocator<Widelands::Bob::State> >::end (this=0x60) at stl_vector.h:349
#2 0x00000001000f40ab in Widelands::Bob::get_state (this=0x0, task=@0x1006fc7a0) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/bob.cc:322
#3 0x00000001001a2b78 in Widelands::Soldier::stayHome (this=0x0) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/soldier.cc:1299
#4 0x00000001001a3886 in Widelands::Soldier::battle_update (this=0x1251f29a0, game=@0x7fff5fbf8c90) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/soldier.cc:1373
#5 0x00000001000f6906 in Widelands::Bob::do_act (this=0x1251f29a0, game=@0x7fff5fbf8c90) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/bob.cc:224
#6 0x00000001000f6adb in Widelands::Bob::act (this=0x1251f29a0, game=@0x7fff5fbf8c90, data=679) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/bob.cc:208
#7 0x000000010013ae2b in Widelands::Cmd_Act::execute (this=0x122e7c800, game=@0x7fff5fbf8c90) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/instances.cc:107
#8 0x000000010010cb3f in Widelands::Cmd_Queue::run_queue (this=0x7fff5fbf8ee0, interval=94, game_time_var=@0x7fff5fbf8cf0) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/cmd_queue.cc:119
#9 0x00000001001212f0 in Widelands::Game::think (this=0x7fff5fbf8c90) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/logic/game.cc:565
#10 0x00000001003e638c in Interactive_Base::think (this=0x101c66400) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/wui/interactive_base.cc:332
#11 0x00000001003f3863 in Interactive_Player::think (this=0x101c66400) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/wui/interactive_player.cc:330
#12 0x00000001002d6bd3 in UI::Panel::do_think (this=0x101c66400) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/ui_basic/panel.cc:542
#13 0x00000001002d8ab0 in UI::Panel::run (this=0x101c66400) at /Users/sirver/Desktop/Programming/cpp/widelands/bzr_repo/src/ui_basic/panel.cc:174

Strange bug as in battle_update, this != 0 but in stayhome (a soldier function) it is. Can't make anything from this now.

SirVer (sirver) on 2010-11-13
Changed in widelands:
status: New → Confirmed
importance: Undecided → Medium
Nicolai Hähnle (nha) wrote :

Has anybody seen this bug recently? There have been a number of changes in soldier.cc in 2011, and the bug seems implausible with the current structure of Soldier::battle_update. I'm marking this as Incomplete to let it expire unless somebody can come up with more data.

Changed in widelands:
status: Confirmed → Incomplete
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

[Expired for widelands because there has been no activity for 60 days.]

Changed in widelands:
status: Incomplete → Expired
SirVer (sirver) wrote :

so we assume this is fix committed then, right?

Changed in widelands:
status: Expired → Fix Committed
milestone: none → build18-rc1
SirVer (sirver) wrote :

Released in build-18 rc1.

Changed in widelands:
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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