Problem with --homedir command line option in Windows

Bug #1828355 reported by GunChleoc on 2019-05-09
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Homedir is fixed, but there is still a problem with the localedir (see #4)

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GunChleoc (gunchleoc) on 2019-05-09
Changed in widelands:
milestone: none → build21-rc1
kaputtnik (franku) wrote :

With linux the --homedir option works as expected.

fuchur (fuchur77) wrote :

The problem is the windows logger which is initialized in WLApplication::setup_homedir(). But there is a call of log() in WLApplication::WLApplication(int const argc, char const* const* const argv) before that happens. See source below

 if (commandline_.count("homedir")) {
  log("Adding home directory: %s\n", commandline_["homedir"].c_str()); // <-- this is it
  homedir_ = commandline_["homedir"];
 if (!redirect_output())


If the labeled line is changed to print the output using std::cout (maybe encapsuled by #ifdef _WIN32) or commented it works.

Windows doesn't have a stdout if you run a program using a shortcut. Therefore log() writes to a file stdout.txt which is saved in the homedir folder. I guess in Linux starting widelands from a shell stdout is always accessible -> no problem with log() before setting the homedir.

I assume in Linux one should see two messages about the home directory if one uses the homedir option. One stating "Adding home directory:" and the second one "Set home directory:".

GunChleoc (gunchleoc) wrote :

I have replaced the log command with cout in

Is it working well enough now, or do we need to do more fixes?

fuchur (fuchur77) wrote :

Ok, I made a quick test, the --homedir option is recognised and the given directory is created. A config and stdout.txt are created as well. Starting a game and saving one works. The directories ai, save, replays and temp are then created.

But clicking on options results in an error:

Unexpected error during the game
FileSystem::create: could not find file or directory: F:\widelands\widelands-bzr\hgs-homedir\data/locale

Ok, that's not due to this bug, but a different one (maybe related to it). Unfortunately I won't have time to investigate this further this week. Just found this line in

i18n::set_localedir(datadir_ + "/locale");

I think the / is the culprit as it seems that this line in finally creating the localedir doesn't take care of it.

std::unique_ptr<FileSystem> fs(&FileSystem::create(i18n::get_localedir()));

Maybe it should use something like RealFSImpl on the result of get_localedir(). Or that should be done inside set_localedir().

Sorry for not trying it myself. I don't have time at the moment for further experiments. :-(

GunChleoc (gunchleoc) on 2019-05-13
description: updated
fuchur (fuchur77) wrote :

Now I found a solution concerning the problem with the locale folder. In I replaced

i18n::set_localedir(datadir_ + "/locale");


i18n::set_localedir(g_fs->canonicalize_name(datadir_ + "/locale"));

I'd have prefered to do the modification inside set_localedir(), but my first attempts weren't successfull as I could not call canonicalize_name() or g_fs->canonicalize_name() from there. So I went on with the easy solution.

The only thing left to do was to copy the locale directory from a running build20 installation to the data directory of my test branch. It seems that (at least here on my machine) the data directory of trunk doesn't contain a locale subdirectory.

GunChleoc (gunchleoc) on 2019-05-26
Changed in widelands:
assignee: nobody → GunChleoc (gunchleoc)
status: New → In Progress
GunChleoc (gunchleoc) wrote :

The fix looks fine. I'll implement it into WLApplication so that we won't get a circular dependency between i18n and the file system.

The locale directory is generated when compiling, so if you compile your test branch with the -t switch, it will have none.

GunChleoc (gunchleoc) wrote :

P.S: actually, it should have one, but it will be empty.

fuchur (fuchur77) wrote :

Ok, thanks for implementing this. I think I should learn how to upload a branch if I find more to work on.

Concerning the locale directory I configured cmake to build without translations. I think that's the explanation for not having it.

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