Comment 4 for bug 1493221

Jens Beyer (qcumber-some) wrote :

Regarding recycling of only iron/gold:

That would even increase the gap I see between Barbarians/Empire and Atlanteans.

Regarding the prices:

I guess you really don't see the problem I was talking about.
Of course, I do not really want to give 100% of iron used for a weapon/armor back. But nevertheless, let's see my (very simplified example): Every weapon costs 2 iron, when reused, I give scrap metal back in value of 1 iron.
The map has only 10 iron available. The soldier's attack can be upgraded 4 times, requiring new weapons at each time, and the economy settings are in a way that the weaponsmith creates each weapon once.
At the current state of trunk, the player could make 5 weapons (one of each), improving one soldier to the max attack.
At the recycling idea's state, the weaponsmith will make each weapon once, but when upgrading the soldier 2 levels, the economy has enough scrap metal to make another weapon! Let's say the weaponsmith creates a basic weapon. The economy has another basic soldier for free! But now, the first soldier gets promoted two levels again! And another weapon is made, say the second level weapon for the second soldier! And another upgrade of soldier 1 and an upgrade of soldier 2, and we have another weapon for soldier 2!
- summary: Instead of 5 weapons, we get 8 weapons out of 10 iron ore. That's a 60% increase. In many maps, this may just be ok, but there *may* be some maps where the creator restricted iron ore very strongly to prevent soldier's rush or encourage economy optimization because of less tools used from the toolsmith.