Don't open Editor with new Default-Map without Dialog

Bug #1218369 reported by Frank Pieper
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wl-zocker (wl-zocker) wrote :

A reasonable sequence of choices would be:
- New empty map (1), new random map (2) or load a map?
- if 1: which world type, what size? then: With which terrain type (out of 16) shall the map be prefilled?
- if 2: the dialog we currently have. It contains everything that is necessary.
- if an existing map is loaded, no further decision have to be made

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Frank Pieper (frank-pieper-1) wrote :

Simplest Approach is to start without Map and take Dialogs from Editor to create first.

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Frank Pieper (frank-pieper-1) wrote :

I would try to make Map-Size dynamic that chaning Geometry does not imply to generate new Map.

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Frank Pieper (frank-pieper-1) wrote :

Consider Pinter to Map of MapSpace-Pointers: by Pointer you can select different Maps and by Field-Pointer you can change Pointers you can exchange its Members (Space) with lesser Trouble to changed States. Idea is that there exist any DataStructure which represents a Game/Map as whole and then change that Variable by Pointer to access multiple. If multiple Maps could get opened simultan additional Values for Editing appear as Maps could get used as Part-Templates for special Things like a Tarrain-Morpholggies which were designed with a Lot Effort into Detail. Generalized a Map can get used like a Scratch-Pad for larger ReDesigns of a Map. Also Things like moving Sections could be done that Way. Problem is an Algorithm to fit Section useful/reasonableinto different Morphology. Should not to be a larger Problem if you think of real Terrain and CarvationWorks resp MockUp-Things like Clay (dow) or perhaps any Toy-Bricks like Lego and you won't like to tell you can't solve it with Lego to put this into that insteaad of Data and Code firstly. I consider present Morphology-Constraits as Matter of Requirements for Player-Persepctive to see and access its Sites at Shadow-Side of a Mountain and similar.

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